Balkan Gathering at Iroquois Springs

Sunday August 7th to Friday August 12th, 2022

Please CLICK HERE to register!

We’re thrilled to announce that there will be a gathering of the Balkan folk music and dance community this summer, at the same facility that has hosted the EEFC east coast workshop for many years. Community members will be offering learning opportunities in music and dance, and longtime kids band instructor Sarah Ferholt will be organizing learning opportunities for kids; come and enjoy live Balkan music, dancing, and community-organized parties.

Location: Iroquois Springs, Rock Hill, NY –

Cost: $600 for the full 5 nights in shared cabins; kids 0-4 are free; kids 5-11 are $475 for the full 5 nights in shared cabins. Most if not all of the private rooms are now reserved (for $750 for the full 5 nights) – if you need one in order to attend email matt @ and ask if any are available.

Dates: Sun Aug 7 (arrive after 4pm for dinner) – Fri Aug 12 (depart by 11am after breakfast)

Basic Details:

  • We will have 5 nights at the camp, in the same circle of cabins that the EEFC has historically used.
  • Our current plan is to require everyone to take a PCR Covid test within 72 hours before arrival at camp, and a rapid test on arrival at camp.
  • Everyone must be vaccinated and boosted (unless they are under 5 years old)
  • Kids 0-4 years old are free.
  • Meals will be a hybrid of what they serve for the EEFC camp/World Camp/their standard camp (eg, salad bar, some Eastern European touches, basic options for kids always available).
  • Swimming pool will be available for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.
  • The Canteen (where Kafana is during past EEFC workshops) will be available to us for daytime use and late night parties.
  • Some other buildings will be available to us at certain times, but we will not have the Dance Hall/Theater building to ourselves all week as the EEFC camp does.
  • Parents or guardians of children will be responsible for their children; this is not a drop-off camp nor is any childcare being offered by us. (That said, we are confident that some of us will organize activities for kids!)
  • We are simply creating a way for our community to gather; any classes or performances will be organized by the community. (We know our community can do this in a thoughtful, generous, and organic way!)
  • Alcohol will be permitted (but not sold).
  • Everyone will need to bring their own linens/bedding/towels etc.
  • We currently have over 100 registered attendees.
  • Private rooms are available in limited numbers; if 2 people want to share a private room, both will pay $750. See “Cost” above if you need a private room.

The EEFC is presenting BalkanFest 2022 on Aug 5-6 in NYC, with live music, dancing, and classes – make sure you go to that too! See for info.